Bewust zwanger

Every year 11.000 unborn baby’s get exposed to the risks of smoking. The woman that keeps on smoking mostly feel alone in this battle. Some of them get unexpectedly pregnant, don’t always have a partner and are experiencing a lot of stress caused by debts. 


The project ‘Bewust zwanger’ is created to inform the pregnant woman about the risks they take if they keep on smoking. With this project the woman will get better informed through the use of visuals and tangible objects. In this way the information will be less abstract and understandable for every target group. 

The communication tool


The communication tool helps to visualize what happens in the body when the pregnant woman keeps on smoking.

By making the information visual and tangible it's easier to understand. 

The objects

3. What happens with the placenta?

4. The baby

5. The weight

1. The healthy pregnancy

2. Where the smoke goes

6. Strenght