Frustration creation

Frustration Creation is a platform were people can use their frustration to keep on creating. The person can use the keyboard to express themselves by typing or jamming. The outcome of this Jamm session goes through an algorithm will turn into a vase. This vase can be printed by the artist and will be added to the vase collection open to everyone.


The vase is a symbool to celebrate and embrace the frustrated feeling that helps us to keep evolving.


Having the ‘eureka’ moment The theory of Beeman


While looking for the answer we keep searching within our left side of the brain. By giving up the right of the brain gets activated and has it’s ‘eureka’ moment.


Luckily giving up isn’t the only way to stimulate the brain to solve the problem. Being distracted, like having a break, from the problem long enough so the subconscious can step in and take over can also help to solve the problem in the end.

Frustration creation - Vera Flinterman.j


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